I’ve earned $1,054 and here’s how you can too

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I started selling my clothes on Poshmark in December 2018 when I visited my parent’s house for the holidays and realized I had a sh*tload of clothes hanging in my childhood closet.

It was old jeans that didn’t fit anymore, college formal dresses, random clothes that I bought for DIY halloween costumes, hoodies from high school…

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I bagged everything up and drove to my nearest consignment store. I thought I was sitting on a gold mine. I thought I was getting a bonus paycheck. Girl, was I wrong.

They were offering me PENNIES for my stuff. No…

5 ways to boost your career growth.

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*takes a deep breath*

Today marks my 4 year anniversary at a Big 4 consulting firm. I joined as an analyst after college and am now a grown-up Technology Consultant experienced in all the ins and outs (and, ups and downs) of the consulting industry.

Even after some really hard days at work, I’d rate it a solid 5 out of 5. For starters, entering a world of endless possibilities was perfect when I didn’t have a set career in mind post-graduation. …

Stop giving your money away to people who didn’t work for it.

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How much money did you spend last month? Last week? Was it worth it? What if I told you those purchases just added x number of days until you can retire?

Here’s the deal: Americans are drowning in debt. In May 2020, consumer debt hit a new record of $14.3 TRILLION across home, auto, student loans, and credit card debt. This figure is so large it’s hard to even fully comprehend it. It’s a million millions multiplied by 14. $14,300,000,000,000.

Luckily, this debt is shared by 300 million people but still, there’s an 80% chance you owe a part of…

Seriously, here’s a no-BS step-by-step breakdown of how to get started while in quarantine.

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“We’re in a bear market. Stocks are ‘on sale’ right now. You need to invest before the market goes up.” If you’ve been hearing these headlines but haven’t yet figured out how to best invest your money in the market, then this article’s for you.

Just a few months ago, I was clueless and completely naive about the stock market. Luckily, I’ve been staying at home with a ton of extra time to learn about investing. I read a number of personal finance books, watched countless…

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